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Phoenix Industrial Services Ltd.

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Phoenix Industrial Services Ltd
Stonedelph Dock

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Tel: 0785 690 0197


Business Hours:

Monday ~ Friday
7.30am ~ 5.00pm

8.00am ~ 12 noon

Tel: 0785 690 0197


Phoenix specialise in regular collections of waste and recycling for households and businesses such as hotels, restaurants, bars, clubs, shops and offices etc.

With over 20 years of experience throughout the North West, we will tailor a service to suit your requirements. We have recently expanded our regular daily collections and also added many other waste and recycling services. 

► Pallets

Refurbished and recycled pallets are environmentally friendly, they are made originally and repaired using sustainable sources and can last for a long time even with a heavy duty workload. We offer pallets of all materials and sizes.

► IT Equipment

All the IT equipment disposal services you need under one roof!

Whether you run an small or a large business, whether you are a charity, a school, an NHS trust or any other type of organisation. We provide a high-quality Computer Recycling service to assist you with computer disposal and reducing your impact on the environment, at no cost.

It may well be that you are a strong believer in ‘going green’ or that your company needs to comply with current legislation regarding IT disposal. We strongly believe that businesses wishing to recycle redundant IT equipment ethically should be able to do so easily and our comprehensive range of services offers a secure and cost-effective option for all organisations.

► Metal

Phoenix offers recycling services for a wide variety of metals. We can strip, remove, dispose and recycle a huge range of metals and metal alloys, both ferrous and non ferrous. If you have a large quantity of metal that you need removed then we will be able to help.

► Bulk Bags

Phoenix is strongly committed to the recycling of all polypropylene bulk bags. We are committed to reducing the consignment of bulk bags to landfill and minimising the detrimental effect to the environment. We offer a service with collections on a regular basis.

The benefits of recycling bulk bags are:

• Reduction of your waste disposal costs

• Reducing valuable storage space at your premises

• Minimal detrimental effect to the environment

• Collection of your redundant bulk bags at your convenience.

• Polythene Recycling

• Collections in baled or loose form

► Plastics

Plastic can take hundreds of years to decompose in a landfill. However, We are able to collect, granulate and recycle most types of plastic so that it can be re-manufactured into products that we all want.

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